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PriceBoard is a price comparison site and we offer cashback for the product purchased through us. We're currently in Beta and will be adding tons of new features as we go on.

No. We only show the product information from different e-stores so that you can compare and buy from the e-store of your choice.

You need to register with us and logged in while using our site. Find the product you want to purchase and follow the link to purchase from the e-store of your choice. We'll notify you via email once the product has been dispatched by the merchant.

Yes you need to create an account with us to get cashback. Its necessary so that we can track your purchase and give you the cashback from the affiliate commission we earn.

Most of the e-store pays website owners for referring to their site. We want to share that earnings with our users.

We try to give as much real time price as possible, but sometimes our crawler is not fast enough. Although You will still get the cashback for your purchase if you follow our link, but the amount may vary a little.

If the price is updated in the merchant (or e-store) site, we will recalculate the cashback amount. Sometimes it will be greater amount and sometimes it will lesser depending upon the product you are purchasing and the current affiliate commission.

Yes. If you were logged in and followed a link to a merchant site from PriceBoard, you are still eligible for cashback until we can track you.

We need your bank account details so that we can send your cashback directly to your bank account.

We do not share your information other than our associates. Your data is secure with us.

Please go through our terms of service page. If you need any clarification shoot us an email at

If you have correctly followed the instructions, we get notified by our partner merchants. The same will be updated in your dashboard within 24-48 hours.

It might be that, you were not logged in while using our site.
Cookies were not enabled on the browser of the visitor,
Pages were not allowed to load completely.
Cookie session has got expired.
If any of the above event happens, irrespective of the sale done, the transaction doesn't gets recorded and the commission earned on it gets nullified.
If you are sure that you followed the instructions correctly, email us at along with details of the product purchased.
Please note that there may be circumstances in which a transaction with a ecommerce site could not be tracked, in such case cashback will not be provided to you. Please ensue not to use any other cashback or coupon site or not to use browser extensions/plugins from those sites in order to track your purchase properly. You may also initially delete your cookies and reload our page and follow the instructions in order to earn cashback from us.

Currently our withdrawl limit is as low as Rs 99. This may change in future.

Once you submit our withdrawal form, we process it for NEFT transfer in the next 24 - 60 hours (working days)

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